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Map of Brookhaven, PA
Brookhaven Borough

2 Cambridge Road
Brookhaven, PA 19015

Phone: (610) 874-2557
Fax: (610) 874-2612

Brookhaven was originally part of a land grant given to William Penn in 1681 by King Charles II of England. The Proprietor negotiated with the Lenni-Lenape Indians, who were the original occupants of the land, the land was then divided into municipal districts. The area of Brookhaven was included in the Municipal District of Chester Township. 317 acres were surveyed to Thomas Coebourne who settled in 1682 along with Richard Few who was granted 227 acres. Thomas Brassey was granted 385 acres in 1684. These original grants were parceled eventually into smaller acreage and sold to subsequent settlers, such as Trimble, Edwards, Lister and Shepherd, among others. Many of these original settlers have streets named after them in the borough. The elementary school is named Coebourn Elementary (on Coebourn Blvd) after Thomas Coebourne and there are streets named Trimble, Edwards, Lister and Shepherd.

At A Glance:

  • Date of Settlement: 1681
  • Incorporated: 1945
  • Area: 1.7 square miles
  • Population: 7,985 (2000 Census)
  • Distance to Center City Philadelphia: 17 miles
  • School District: Penn-Delco

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  • Penn-Delco School District
  • Brookhaven Fire Co.
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